In late April, Congress and President Trump reached a deal to avoid a government shutdown at the federal level. But if you're one of those people who pines for October 2013 and the excitement of a nasty political budget fight, Ballotpedia has a nice write-up about six states that are facing partial shutdowns or or an abrupt curtailment of non-essential services.

Four of the states — Maine, New Jersey, Illinois, and Washington State (where Republicans have functional control of the state Senate in spite of a one-seat Democratic majority) — are in some sort of divided government situation. The other two — Connecticut and Delaware — are under complete Democratic control. None of the states facing potential shutdowns are fully Republican-run.

Some of the impasses will be difficult to solve. For example, in Maine, Democrats are demanding a new tax hike in exchange for repeal of a tax on high earners ($200,000 and above) that passed by referendum. And they have leverage — although the State House is very narrowly Democratic, the budget requires a two-thirds majority in the legislature — a rule that makes you wonder how they ever pass a budget.

Illinois is in an apparently hopeless situation after two years without a state budget. The state's fiscal year ends today, and the Democrat-controlled legislature remains deadlocked in its current special session, which was called earlier this month by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Bond rating agencies have threatened to downgrade Illinois' debt to junk status if no deal is reached by tonight. The state has announced it is cutting off lottery ticket sales tonight in anticipation of failure. State road construction is also being halted, and Chicago's public school system has borrowed money, expecting state funds to be delayed.

In short, don't be disappointed if Washington's game of chicken doesn't play out — there are enough governing failures out there to go around.