In just 60 seconds, a brutal new ad by the Emergency Committee for Israel exposes President Obama's pattern of backpedaling on statements he's made to reassure the pro-Israel community on the campaign trail.

The first example came in 2008, when as a presidential candidate he told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel, only to retract it. The second came this week when he assured AIPAC he had Israel's back on Sunday, but then in a press conference on Tuesday gutted it of any meaning.

As Israelis contemplate whether to take military action to prevent Iran from getting nuclear capability, one of the major factors weighing on their decision is whether they can trust Obama. This video demonstrates why they cannot.

Video of the ad below. If you have more time, the group also has a 30-minute film detailing Obama's atrocious record on Israel.

Via Jennifer Rubin, who has more.