Hillary Clinton's campaign released an attack ad Tuesday hitting Donald Trump with a recent report alleging he may not have paid any federal income taxes for the past 18 years.

"Donald Trump is a business failure who has gotten rich at your expense," the ad declared, referencing a New York Times article published this weekend. "He doesn't pay his fair share."

The Times report is based on financial documents that an anonymous source sent them.

Clinton's team added elsewhere on her official Twitter account Tuesday, "Contributing nothing to our military, public schools, kids' healthcare and more doesn't make you 'smart.'"

Trump said last week during the first presidential debate that he was "smart" to avoid paying federal income taxes.

The new Clinton ad asks, "What do three pages of Donald tax returns show?

"He's not so good at business," it continued, referencing financial documents showing Trump lost nearly $1 billion in a single year in the 1990s of casinos and other failed investments.

The ad concludes with the suggestion that Trump's tax returns, which he refuses to release, likely hide really damaging information.