After years of far-left leaning "Daily Show" hosts, including liberal Jon Stewart, viewers may now see a more libertarian presence on their late night television.

New "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, who has described himself as "neither Left nor Right" but also as a "progressive," says he is very intrigued by 2016 GOP candidate Rand Paul, most especially after his two debate performances, according to an interview he gave the Daily Beast.

"There are certain issues that I've seen, let's say, from Rand Paul where I go, 'Yeah, I like that,' and I think that we can move forward in that regard," Noah said of Paul. "When it comes to Social Security reform, and looking at different ways to adjust benefits for people, there's definitely a conversation to be had there. Now, I'm not an expert in it … But I believe progression can come from both sides."

Noah said he liked Paul because he wasn't too "gung-ho" like other candidates and instead of launching personal attacks "seemed very thoughtful."

"I don't know all of Rand Paul, and that's what is gonna be fun," Noah said. "But at this point, the romance is real. And I will embrace it as such."

Republicans typically tend to avoid the "Daily Show," as its far-left leaning politics are often based on jokes attacking the GOP and Fox News. However, in July, Noah said that he plans on using "a bigger lens as opposed to just going after one source — which was historically Fox News."

Noah told the Daily Beast that his South African heritage is one reason he does not fit into the traditional left-right sphere of American politics. With a possibly libertarian leaning host at the helm, this could change the show's demographic.

In the Daily Beast interview, Noah also expressed remorse for the retirement of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, saying that he was sad to see Boehner go as he "liked him. He always cried."