Beginning next week, The Washington Examiner will move online and to a new weekly print magazine.

The revamped news outlet will focus on national politics and policy, investigative reporting and commentary.

Its website -- -- will continue to reach millions of people across the country with Web-only reporting and commentary throughout the day.

The glossy magazine, which will have a circulation of 42,000, will be aimed at leaders in government, politics, advocacy groups, public affairs and academia. Thirty-thousand copies will be distributed at strategic locations in the capital region, and 12,000 will be shipped to the nation's 50 statehouses.

Lou Ann Sabatier, a longtime executive and consultant in the publishing industry, will oversee The Examiner as CEO of MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, which is based in Denver.

"Brand research and reader feedback revealed an opportunity to reach a large audience interested in our type of insightful political journalism," she said.

Stephen G. Smith, who has been editor of The Examiner since 2007, will remain in his post.

"We have made a name for ourselves with our newspaper and expect to make an even bigger impact with an expanded staff focusing on national issues," he said.

Mark Tapscott will stay on as executive editor and will be in charge of commentary and editorials. Managing Editor Jennifer Peebles will direct the website.

The Examiner will continue to showcase an all-star cast of columnists, including Michael Barone, Byron York, Timothy P. Carney, Paul Bedard, Philip Klein, Conn Carroll, Sean Higgins, Noemie Emery, Gene Healy and Hugh Hewitt.