Mary Pat Christie, wife of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was pulled over for allegedly looking down at her phone while driving, police dash camera footage published Thursday revealed.

Video footage obtained by NJ Advance Media shows Mary Pat Christie telling a police officer she wasn’t making a call when she was pulled over in April.

“You can’t have it in your hand at all. No, ma’am,” the officer told her.

“What if you’ve, like, coffee in your hand?” she responded.

“Technically, according to the law, if it’s distracting, you can’t have a coffee in your hand or anything else, either. But it’s cellphone distracted driver month,” the officer responded.

The officer also told her she was looking down at her phone, and he saw the phone in her hand.

She ultimately pleaded guilty to using a cell phone while driving and paid a $250 fine, reported.

The report comes with a tinge of irony as her husband's administration spearheaded the effort meant to crack down on distracted driving.

Chris Christie’s traffic record was under scrutiny during his 2009 campaign for governor after it was reported he was involved in several accidents and moving violations.