New Jersey reporters seemed genuinely upset that Gov. Chris Christie laughed at them the last time they asked about his knowledge of the bridge closure scandal surrounding his administration.

Last month, Christie dismissed a question about the bridge closure.

"You really are not serious with that question,” he replied during a December press conference, joking that he was actually the guy setting up the cones to redirect traffic.

Christie held a news conference Thursday admitting that his staff was involved with the scandal, and apologized to the people of New Jersey.

"Does the universal apology to the state of New Jersey include the press corps?" asked a reporter who Christie identified as Bob during the press conference.

"Well, sure," Christie replied, "I mean, listen, you're — most of you, I hope, are citizens of New Jersey."

Christie indicated that he had no knowledge of his staff's direct involvement in the incident, which is why he felt confident mocking the question.

"I think what you all have seen about me over the last four years in my dealings with you is that I deal with you directly, and I say exactly what I think," he said. "And I think over time I have developed the reputation for telling you all the truth, as I see it — there could be disagreements, but the truth as I see it."

"Are you going to also apologize for the joke you made?" another reporter asked.

"Well, I just did," Christie said. "I said I'm sorry for that, and I would have never made that joke if I knew the facts that have come forward to me today."

Another reporter questioned the motivation behind the joke.

"Because I thought it was absurd and I thought that we had nothing to do with it. That's why," Christie explained.