During a town hall in New Jersey on Thursday, a veteran encouraged Gov. Chris Christie to destroy his Bruce Springsteen CDs.

"When you go home tonight, would you please destroy all your Bruce Springsteen CDs?" he said. "He's not a friend of yours, governor."

The Republican governor joked that he could destroy all the CDs, but that all the songs were now on his iPhone.

"I don't think I've ever been under the illusion that as a ... fan of his music, that that mean that he and I were necessarily simpatico on a number of other issues," Christie said.

Christie added that artists like Springsteen made New Jersey proud, even though some residents might disagree with their politics.

"I think we get attached to certain people as youngsters, which I did," Christie said, admitting that the man was probably giving him good advice.

Christie reminded the audience that he had been to 132 Bruce Springsteen concerts.

"It's hard to kind of let that go," he admitted.