As he faces a challenging re-election bid this year, one of the most potent weapons Sen. Mark Begich has is his name.

Begich, D-Alaska, is the son of former Rep. Nick Begich, D-Alaska, who disappeared in a presumed plane crash in 1972 -- and who is still well-remembered in the state.

In a new television advertisement released Thursday, Begich highlights that legacy with vintage video of his father and family, juxtaposed with similar recent footage of Begich traveling throughout Alaska.

"Mark is clearly his father's son," his wife, Deborah Bonito, narrates in the ad, "and there's nowhere he won't go to listen and stand up for Alaskans."

Nick Begich was flying in a small plane with House Majority Leader Hale Boggs in October 1972 when the aircraft went missing. After a 39-day search, neither the plane nor any bodies were found. Mark Begich was 10 years old at the time.