Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group backing President Obama's initiatives, unveiled a new video touting the launch of Obamacare on Wednesday as the health care law finally took effect.

The video features short testimonials from individuals praising the Affordable Care Act and describing the benefits they enjoy.

OFA also launched a new web page titled “This Is Why: Health Care Reform Matters,” as part of a new campaign to bolster public support for the controversial law.

The October launch of the law’s new insurance exchanges was plagued with technical problems, which weakened support for Obama’s signature domestic achievement and led him to his lowest approval ratings.

The Obama administration launched a “tech surge” to repair the flawed website and says that over 2.1 million people have enrolled for Obamacare coverage. That number though is well behind the 3.3 million the administration predicted would be registered by the end of 2013 and off the pace for the 7 million end-of-March target.

But critics and supporters agree that the new year will provide Obamacare’s key test, as Americans begin to use their new coverage.

Insurers have warned though that many will experience difficulties. The administration has declined to share how many of those who signed up have actually paid their first month’s premiums. In addition, insurers are dealing with back-end tech issues that could delay processing some enrollments.

With the midterm elections approaching, the White House hopes to tout successful Obamacare stories to win back public support for the law and avoid any new glitches.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged in a call with reporters on Tuesday that there could be difficulties ahead as the public began to use their Obamacare coverage. But she expressed confidence that the administration could manage the transition

“We’re committed,” said Sebelius, “to doing everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.”