Iowa Caucus winner Hillary Clinton and New Hampshire Primary winner Bernie Sanders are tied in Nevada, according to a new poll.

Clinton and Sanders both receive supoprt from 45 percent of potential Democratic caucus voters in the Silver State, according to the survey by TargetPoint Consulting and the Washington Free Beacon.

The poll is good news for Sanders. Nevada is notoriously difficult to poll. The last poll of Nevada — taken in December — had Sanders down to Clinton by 23 points, conducted by Gravis Marketing.

Fifty-five percent of respondents say this will be their first time voting. If that holds, it would benefit Sanders, who wins big with young voters. He also hopes to expand the electorate and tap into nontraditional voters.

Nevada is the next election for the Democrats, holding its primary Saturday, Feb. 20, the same day as the Republicans vote in South Carolina.

A Sanders win in Nevada would show that the Vermont senator can win outside of largely white electorates that are highly caucasian. Nevada's Democratic caucus is expected to be significantly more Hispanic than either New Hampshire or Iowa.