President Trump is stepping up his push for infrastructure spending, and he's using China's slick new roads and airports as an example of what he wants.

"What China's done is incredible," the president told conservative journalists. "We're like a Third World nation," he added of U.S. transportation.

"We build a bridge and it's like a miracle in this country," he added.

The president campaigned on spending $1 trillion on infrastructure, but he expressed frustration in moving forward with that plan and mocked the $6 trillion spent to fix up Iraq, Afghanistan and other Middle East nations.

"We've spent $6 trillion in the Middle East," he said in a renewed push for his plan, and "it's 20 times worse than when we started."

Trump cited the experiences of a friend and trucking company owner who complains that U.S. roads are tearing up his equipment. "Our roads are crumbling," the president told the journalists.

"Isn't it sad that we can $6 trillion" in the Middle East, "and in this country we can't find $1 trillion," he concluded.

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