New York lawmakers are looking to tackle confidentiality agreements like the ones that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein made many of his alleged sexual harrassment victims sign in light of the mounting sexual assault scandal.

On Friday, state lawmakers will propose adding new language to an existing bill that would stop employers from creating contracts that force employees to keep quiet about discrimination and sexual harassment.

The bill was rewritten after recent reports brought the Weinstein scandal to light, the bill's co-sponsor state senator Brad Hoylman told Buzzfeed.

"As we've seen in the Weinstein matter, these types of settlement agreements perpetuate harassment of other people for decades," Hoylman added.

The bill will amend the labor laws in New York and will only apply to formal employment contracts and agreements. While situations like Weinstein's might fall outside of these categories, the bill's sponsors are confident they are moving in the right direction.

Earlier this week, Weinstein was hit with dozens of sexual assault and harassment accusations which sparked a national conversation on the topic.