As New York City was hit by a massive snowstorm, the New York media flocked to Mayor Bill de Blasio's house to film them shoveling their sidewalk.

It started with reports of New York City mayor de Blasio's 16-year-old son, Dante, lobbying for a snow day.

And his mom tweeted this photo in response

So the next morning New York media breathlessly waited outside the de Blasio homeā€¦

"Again, as we said, the mayor is going to be coming out around around 7:00, supposed to be having that shovel in hand clearing the sidewalk."

And Mayor de Blasio came forth!

And he shoveled the snow!

Without a hat!

"Well, once in a while, vanity gets the better of me," he said.

The New York media asked him, "Where's Dante"?

And de Blasio said:

"Dante's gonna have his turn to show you what he's got."

Later in the day...



And Dante shoveled.

Is he done? NO!


During a late-morning press conference a reporter asked the mayor to grade Dante's performance.

"I give Dante an "A" for effort and "D" for punctuality," he said.

Great work de Blasios. Keep on shoveling!