Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for the New York Times, ripped author Michael Wolff on Friday for "getting basic details wrong" about President Trump's campaign and administration in the newly published book "Fire and Fury."

"I believe parts of it and then there are other parts that are factually wrong," she said on CNN. "I can see several places in the book that are wrong. So for instance, he inaccurately describes a report in the New York Times. He inaccurately characterizes a couple of incidents that took place early on in the administration. He gets basic details wrong."

Haberman said Wolff's "style" is to create a broad narrative in a story, but gets many of the details wrong.

"He creates a narrative that is notionally true, conceptually true, the details are often wrong," she said.

Haberman said Trump is also incorrect when he says he never met with Wolff, but she also said that Wolff is "overstating the access he had to the president" to write the book.

She pointed to other inconsistencies that Wolff is making.

"He described in the book Rupert Murdoch's quote 'an expletive idiot' about Trump and then in his own column a day later it was 'expletive moron,'" she said.

Haberman said the shortcoming is the result of Wolff's decision not to make the extra effort to check basic facts.

"Michael Wolff and Donald Trump are not dissimilar people. I mean, there is a reason they knew each other before the president became the president. Wolff privately refers to him as Donald, not Trump or the president or so forth," she said.

Earlier this week, two excerpts from Wolff's book were published, triggering a major falling out between Trump and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.