California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has a new book out, but it's not one he wrote to jump to higher office. "This is not a cynical endeavor because I'm running for some office," Newsom told the crowd gathered Friday night at the Jefferson Hotel to fete his new book, "Citizenville." "I can assure you that book is not this book, I have that book here," he said pointing to his head.

Named after FarmVille, Newsom's book is all about how technology can improve governing. "I was mesmerized by the idea [that] people would spend countless hours and countless money virtually farming," he told Yeas & Nays. "And it just got me thinking how can we translate the virtual reality into civic engagement." Besides promoting his book, party host Tammy Haddad also had Newsom, whose contract recently expired at Current TV, discuss what's next for him in that realm. "If someone wants to hire me on another network -- I'm available," he joked to the crowd. One-on-one, the former San Francisco mayor was more forthright. While no deal is signed yet, "I'm actually further along in the conversation," he said about joining another TV outlet.