Newsweek magazine accused President Trump's daughter Ivanka of plagiarism. But rather than claiming that she ripped someone else's work off, the magazine said she was guilty of making a speech more than once.

"Ivanka Trump plagiarizes one of her own speeches in India," blared the headline from Wednesday.

The story covered Trump's appearance at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, this week and said attendees may have expected "a robust keynote address" but instead, "the breadth of her talking points were recycled from a previous speech she gave during a foreign trip earlier this month.

Some on social media criticized the magazine for characterizing the speech as though Trump had done something afoul.

"That ... isn’t what plagiarism is," remarked New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman on Twitter.

Another Twitter user said, "You can't plagiarize your own speech, you morons."

"Um yeah it’s ok to do that," said a third. "I plagiarize myself all the time, claim my own words as my own."

After drawing scrutiny, Newsweek changed its headline to say that Trump "recycles" the speech, instead of "plagiarizes."