Yesterday, the owner of Newsweek magazine explained that the publication will, or, might or may eventually transition its print magazine to online-only, amidst reports that the company is projected to lose as much as $22 million this year. If that’s true, then we can at least be grateful for the print magazine’s worst and most sensationalist covers, which may soon become a thing of the past:

10. The decline and fall of Christian America

This cover was featured for Easter 2009.


9: Obama as a six-armed God

This cover features Obama with six arms, asking if he could be the “God of all things.” This of course angered Indian-Americans because the six-armed Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, is also known as the “God of all things.” Including the destruction of the world.

8: Is Your Baby Racist?

Not if he votes for Obama.

7: Mitt Romney is a dancing Mormon

Uh, yeah.


6: Pulling the plug on Grandma



5: Photoshopping Princess Di

Hey, what if Princess Di was alive? Oh sorry. . . she died.  The cover was described as creepy, in poor taste, ridiculous, and a photoshop of horrors.

4: We’re all socialists now

This came out in February 2009, right after President Obama was inaugurated. Note the Blackberry tease above the banner. Does this mean Obama is an inferior smartphone quickly approaching obsolescence?

3: Sarah Palin in running shorts

For Newsweek’s cover story about Sarah Palin, the editors pulled from obscurity a photo of Palin previously published in Runner’s World magazine.

Even Media Matters didn’t like this one. “Newsweek is supposed to be a serious newsmagazine, and the magazine is certainly not reporting on Palin’s exercise habits,” wrote Media Matters’ Julie Millican. Newsweek’s response? “We chose the most interesting image available to us to illustrate the theme of the cover, which is what we always try to do.”

2. Michelle Bachmann’s “crazy eyes”

To quote Jon Stewart: “You can say a lot of things about Michele Bachmann. One thing you can’t say that she is not photogenic.”


1: Obama as our first gay president.

Is this the cover that killed Newsweek?