Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went on the record with Fox News' Great Van Susteren Wednesday night to explain why Republican voters have latched on to Donald Trump.

"If you are a typical American ... you think, 'The world is losing its mind. I want somebody really strong' and in comes Donald. Trump looks really strong," said Gingrich. "Trump is very big in every way. He is big financially. He is big in his ideas, he is big in his aggressiveness, he is physically big and I think that communicates to a country."

The self-funded business mogul may not be the whole package to voters, Gingrich added, but he gives the physical appearance that he is "strong enough" and worth taking a risk to support.

Gingrich said reading Trump's 1987 book The Art of the Deal gave him insight into how Trump operated then and continues to now on the campaign trail.