Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that it would be "common sense" for Congress to consider gun control legislation that makes rapid-fire gun modifications illegal, allowing laws to "catch up" with technology.

"Look, if there is something that makes it easy to convert a semi-automatic into an automatic, then maybe that does have to be looked at and put under the Federal Firearms Act, which makes it illegal to have a genuinely automatic weapon," Gingrich told Fox News. "I think this is as technology changes, sometimes we have to change the rules to catch up with those technologies."

Gingrich, a former House speaker and staunch Second Amendment advocate, said that it was "a practical, common sense thing" to prohibit new, "relatively cheap" technology, such as the bump stock device used by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to kill 59 people and injure 500 more at the Route 91 Harvest country musical festival on Sunday.

Gingrich also said automatic weapons were "extraordinarily dangerous" and that "there ought to be significant limitations on being able to use them."

"Nobody seriously argues you ought to be able to walk around with a .50 caliber machine gun," Gingrich added.