Robert Mueller is continuing to fill his presidential hunting expedition with liberal lawyers.

On Monday, the National Law Review reported that Elizabeth Prelogar has joined Mueller's team to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 election. Prelogar is an attorney in the Office of the Solicitor General who, campaign records show, has given a combined $750 to campaigns or supporting organizations for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But Prelogar's donations pale in comparison to rest of the team Mueller is assembling. Mueller has only revealed seven of the 13 attorneys, but those named include four partisan lawyers who have collectively donated nearly $50,000 to Democratic candidates since 2004, while only giving $2,750 to Republicans.

Last week, I wrote that this pattern of partisan political giving by the investigative team shows the entire inquiry into supposed Russian influence is a thinly veiled offensive against the Trump presidency.

But it's much bigger than that. A new set of numbers I found this week show Mueller's wide-ranging, untethered investigation represents a broader coordinated effort by two staunchly anti-Trump factions: the Left and the fourth branch of government -- in this case the entrenched bureaucrats working at the Department of Justice.

The first set of numbers is one that I have referenced before: $286,797, the overwhelming dollar amount that Department of Justice employees gave to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and $8,756, the amount they gave to Donald Trump. This represents a 97 percent bias toward Clinton.

The second set of numbers is even more interesting. It represents the dollar amounts of campaign donations made by employees at WilmerHale, the law firm where Mueller served as a partner prior to being appointed special counsel and a firm from which he has already recruited several members of his investigative team. Employees of the firm gave an astounding $326,798 to the Clinton campaign in 2016, while giving a paltry $628 to the Trump campaign. For every $1 this group gave to Trump, it gave $520.37 to Clinton.

Consider the culture of these two institutions. How could any reasonable person say that a group of attorneys from either the Department of Justice or WilmerHale will be honest, objective truth-seekers, when it is clear that so many gave overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton? No reasonable person could. This is a political hit squad, plain and simple.

From what we know of these seven attorneys whose identities have been made public, three -- Aaron Zebley, James Quarles and Jeannie Rhee -– have worked for both the Department of Justice and WilmerHale, just like Mueller.

The remaining four publicly acknowledged attorneys – Michael Dreeben, Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Page and Prelogar – all come from the federal ranks.

I expect the remaining, anonymous lawyers to follow the same pattern.

Mueller's team is a fusion of two branches of what I call the permanent opposition. They will stop at nothing to damage and oppose President Trump and his agenda. As I explain in my new book, Understanding Trump, these people are not seeking truth in their investigations, they're attempting an establishment coup d'état to destroy members of the Trump administration.

This type of destruction is the singular mission of the investigators on Mueller's team, and they unfortunately have wide latitude to achieve their goal. Mueller's instructions from the Justice Department, not only ordered him to investigate potential ties between President Trump and Russia – which fired FBI Director James Comey has already testified under oath that none existed – but they also give Mueller the authority to investigate any other matter which he deems appropriate.

That final clause is what will allow him to run amok –- to dig into every aspect of the administration until he find something vaguely prosecutable. This is why President Trump and his entire staff should be worried.

This is the most wide-open hunting license I've ever seen. And this will be dragged out by the investigators, the Left and their friends in the media for as long as the American people will put up with it. All the while, the manufactured drama around the investigation will slow the White House's agenda by taking up its time and resources. Ultimately, this will be terrible for the country.

The investigators are not going to get President Trump, but they will not stop until they get someone. This aggressive team of litigious hunters is not going to quit until it claims a trophy.

Newt Gingrich is a former Republican speaker of the House, congressman from Georgia, and author of the No. 1 New York Times best-seller Understanding Trump.

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