They don’t have a coach and the team is in disarray, but there is one ray of hope for the Washington Redskins. According to an annual NFL poll, 71 percent of the nation wants the team to keep its controversial name.

Public Policy Polling revealed at the very bottom of its release that the country doesn't have a problem when the team's fans sing “Hail to the Redskins.”

Said the Democratic polling outfit, “one final issue we looked at on the poll: Only 18 percent of registered voters think the Washington Redskins should change their name to 71 percent who think they should keep it as it is. Republicans are particularly emphatic in their feelings on the matter, with 90 percent opposed to a name change and only 4 percent in support.”

And in a way there was some other good news for the Redskins. The rival Dallas Cowboys are now the nation’s “least favorite team.” Some 23 percent said Dallas is their least favorite, and no other team came close.

The nation’s favorite team, said PPP, is the Denver Broncos, besting Dallas 14 percent to 12 percent. They were followed by the Green Bay Packers at 11 percent, Chicago Bears at 10 percent, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers each at 8 percent, New York Giants at 5 percent and New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers tied at 4 percent.

Helping Denver is the popularity of quarterback Peyton Manning. He’s tops the "favorite quarterback" list at 22 percent, followed by Tom Brady and the Redskins' Robert Griffin III at 13 percent. Tim Tebow, now an analyst, won 7 percent.

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