For three straight months, the National Football League has been America’s most unpopular team sport, a trend that now appears to be settling in, according to the latest Winston Group Sports Survey.

In November, 38 percent said they had an “unfavorable” view if the NFL, more than twice that of baseball. No other sport came close to having such a poor rating in the survey provided to Secrets.

Results of the latest Winston Group Sports Survey.

Even in the National Basketball Association, known for bad boy antics of players, the unfavorable rating is just 26 percent, said the Winston Group.

There was a little positive movement in the survey for the NFL, however, but it is unclear if it reveals a change or not.

Said the analysis:

The newest monthly WG Sports Survey (November 29-30) found that the NFL brand improved very slightly, going from 44% favorable - 40% unfavorable in October to 48% favorable - 38% unfavorable. While this is a slight improvement, favorability is well below where it was in August when it was 57% favorable - 23% unfavorable. The question is whether this is a small start back toward the original brand standing, or a settling-in process for the new brand standing of the NFL with the public.

Results of the latest Winston Group Sports Survey.

Men also started to change, and that could be significant. “Overall, among males the brand improved slightly going from 47% favorable - 46% unfavorable to 50% favorable - 39% unfavorable. However, the favorables are still almost 20% lower than where they were in August,” said the analysis.

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