No soccer balls will be rolling through Nick's Organic Farm at least until August, thanks to a settlement between farm owner Nick Maravell and Montgomery County.

Located on Brickyard Road in Potomac, the land where Maravell cultivates organic produce has been leased from the Montgomery County Board of Education for the last 30 years, according to Maravell.

Earlier this year, the county announced plans to turn the land into privately managed soccer fields, a decision that local residents have been fighting ever since. The issue was scheduled to be heard in Montogmery County Circuit Court this week, but Maravell and the county reached a settlement just before the hearing.

Since Maravell's extension ends Aug. 15, 2012, he and his supporters haven't given up their fight.

“The next eight months will give us additional opportunities to show off how well this plot of land could offer agricultural education for Montgomery County kids,” he said. “We still hope to turn this into a place where children can learn about local food, farming and the environment through hands-on experiences.”