On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning, the team focused on an op-ed written by New York Times columnists Gail Collins who wrote that Gov. Chris Christie reminded women of their “worst boyfriends” because he yelled all the time.

Political contributor Nicolle Wallace, however, disagreed with Collins’ assessment.

“I think women understand the difference between men who scream because they’re angry and scream because they’re passionate,” Wallace explained. “I think maybe what Gail missed is that what we love about Christie is he’s unfiltered – he’s passionate. And so I think women are also wildly attracted to a winner and I think Chris Christie, as I said the other day, he’s got that sort of air of a winner.”

Host Joe Scarborough pointed out that Christie was beating his Democratic opponent by 19 points – even though his opponent, State Sen. Barbara Buono, was a woman.