U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Saturday's U.N. Security Council vote landed a "gut punch" against North Korea through a host of new sanctions aimed at stifling the country's missile program.

"This was a gut punch to North Korea today," said Haley. "They can either take heed and say 'let's start being responsible and see another avenue.' Or, they can continue what they're doing and the international community will continue to respond."

Overall, "this was a day of action ... [and] a day when we stopped all the talk. This was the day when we said to North Korea they have to stop their irresponsible actions," she told CNN's Ana Cabrera after the U.N. Security Council passed its resolution.

"This resolution is the strongest resolution with sanction measures that we've seen in a generation," Haley touted. "It will go after a third of North Korea's hard currency, it bans coal, it bans iron, it bans additional laborers they can send overseas. It has quite huge implications for North Korea. We hope they will take notice."

Cabrera pressed Haley on what is different this time around, saying sanctions have been imposed before on North Korea, but its weapons program continued to see progress.

Haley responded by saying the measures on cutting their access to hard currency is important this time around. "So, if we reduce the hard currency, we are reducing the funding that allows them to do that," Haley said.