Tea Party groups from around the country gathered at IRS office buildings to protest the government for targeting their organizations.

Photos below:

"Over 500 here now more coming," noted Ann Becker in Cincinnati.


"#IRSProtest Houston getting tons of support from passing cars!" -Amber Winborn


"Tea Party preps for #IRS protest in front of the Federal building in downtown Nash" - Carley Gordon.

"Large Crowds in Atlanta." - Tea Party Patriots

"Small tea party protest outside IRS headquarters in DC. "- Ben Nuckols

"Woah!! Armed DHS guards outside #IRS building in St Louis!!" - Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

"Dept. of Homeland Security in Cincinnati."  - via Adriana Inman

"Kansas City tea partiers protest the #IRS." - @NiceDeb


"Good group at IRS OFFICE DAYTONA BEACH today" - Pace A. Allen