Only 11 of the National Labor Relations Board's 1,611 employees were deemed essential to government functions, according to the closure plan the federal labor law enforcement agency has posted on its website.

The plan states simply on the first page: "Total Agency Employees: 1611. Total Employees Furloughed: 1600." That means 99.3 percent of the agency is officially "nonessential."

According to the plan, the remaining 11 are the NLRB's five board members, the acting general counsel, the counsel's deputy, the solicitor, the executive secretary, the chief information officer and the chief of security.

These 11 are excepted only because they are presidential appointees rather than employees and are therefore "exempted by statute" from being forced to go home.

In fairness to the NLRB, most of what it does involves litigation and monitoring workplace elections, neither of which is an emergency service.

Hat tip: Wall Street Journal