It looks like Lindsay Lohan will be staying out of court after her alleged hit-and-run last month.

According to E! News, Lindsay is off the hook for the incident in New York in which a man claimed she sideswiped him with her car in front of the Dream Hotel.

E! reports that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office decided there was insufficient evidence, citing surveillance tape of the incident that appeared to clear the troubled starlet of any wrongdoing.

The good news came just days after Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, tried unsuccessfully to stage an intervention claiming Linds was back using drugs and alcohol. He also said he's attempting to set up a conservatorship (a la Britney Spears) for Lindsay, so he can get her into rehab.

"It's apparent Michael continues to be very focused on getting publicity for himself," her rep said in possibly the most obvious statement of all time.

On again

In case you need more evidence that Chris Brown and Rihanna have reconciled, the off-again, on-again pair spent the weekend together.

In a video from Breezy's website launch party in Beverly Hills, the two can be seen getting very close in the corner, leaning in, sharing drinks and talking.

After being spotted kissing at the MTV Video Music Awards and making out after a Jay-Z concert last month, these two don't even seem to be trying to hide it anymore.