Anyone hoping for a glimpse into special counsel Robert Mueller's budget for investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election will have to wait until October, according to a spokesman with the office.

Once a special counsel is appointed by the Department of Justice, then the counsel's office has 60 days by law to submit a budget.

Mueller and his team have recently complied, beating the 60-day deadline with no problem, but the public won't get a look until Halloween decorations are going up.

"The Special Counsel's Office will prepare a Statement of Expenditures for the six-month period ending September 30, 2017," said Peter Carr, spokesperson for the special counsel's office. "The Justice Management Division will review that report and make it available to the public."

Carr declined to elaborate beyond that statement.

The former FBI director has faced more scrutiny as he has selected attorneys to fill out his team to complete the Russia investigation he was tasked with after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ordered the creation of the special counsel.

The political donations of some of those attorneys has been a matter of particular interest, with President Trump saying about two weeks ago, "I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters."

According to a Wednesday report from the Washington Post, Mueller has hired 15 attorneys, but only 13 are publicly known at this time.