"President Barack Obama's latest playful executive order is a tweeted effort to limit 'House of Cards' plot spoilers," the Associated Press reports, highlighting a message from the @barackobama twitter account.


The report notes that House of Cards actor Kate Mara "double-checked the authenticity of the tweet before celebrating," calling it “one of the coolest things that’s happened to me.”

Several news outlets followed up with a variation of the same headline, asserting that the president himself demanded that no one spoil the show for him on Twitter.

"But what if you don't abide by Obama's advice? Well, it's basically treason. Kinda. OK, not really, though please listen to the president on this one," a report from Mashable reads.

After all, Obama is an admitted fan of the series, even asking Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in December if he brought advance copies of the show for him to enjoy.

But Obama did not send that tweet.

For months, the @barackobama Twitter account has been run by staff at Organizing for Action -- his former campaign operation, reformulated as a non-profit group.

"Tweets from the President are signed -bo," the notice reads.

With no "-bo" on the House of Cards tweet, it means that all the so-called buzz is the result of some social media guru at Organizing for Action patting himself on the back for successfully engaging Twitter followers and earning media headlines.

At the time of this publication, the tweet has received 31,594 retweets and 16,739 favorites.