Water tests conducted in Colorado flood zones found no contamination of oil or gas despite the recent massive flooding that compromised many storage tanks, according to the Denver Post.

“Although the state is tracking multiple spills — about 40,000 gallons of oil — from well and storage facilities in the South Platte Basin, the testing showed no evidence of contamination,” the Post said.

At least 14 oil spills totaling approximately 40,000 gallons occurred due to the devastating floods that wracked Colorado in September.

That prompted Big Green environmental activists seeking to end fossil fuel use to make numerous unsubstantiated claims about environmental and public health damages caused by the spills.

But it appears the oil and gas opponents won’t get to take a victory lap.

Even with the 40,000-gallon spill, no contamination was found, however testing did find high levels of E. coli in the water. But that can’t be blamed on oil companies, according to the Post.