From a disappointing launch to tumbling book sales, it doesn't look like anyone is interested in reading former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's new book, Hard Choices.

Sales of the much-published memoir fell by approximately 43 percent in the second week of the book's launch, CNN reported, citing data from Nielsen BookScan.

Excluding digital purchases, only 85,721 copies of Hard Choices sold in the book’s first week, and only 48,227 copies sold in its second week, according to Nielsen numbers.

And here to help you understand the news is a pretty chart (how positively wonky!):

A quick aside: A source for Clinton’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, said earlier that the memoir sold approximately 100,000 copies in its first week. This number includes digital purchases. The aforementioned Nielsen figures do not include digital sales of the book.

Lagging book sales means Simon & Schuster will likely be stuck with thousands and thousands of hard copies of Clinton's memoir and may not recoup the multimillion-dollar advance it paid her to write it.

Poor book sales may come as a bit of a surprise considering the fawning coverage Hard Choices has received from the press (and that’s on top of Team Clinton’s media blitz). It could be that the U.S. just isn’t interested in reading another Clinton book. Or it could mean that the U.S. specifically isn’t interested in reading a 656-page memoir about Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.

Polis Books founder Jason Pinter told CNN the drop in sales shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

"Publicity-driven books like this are always front-loaded," Pinter said. "Which is why the first week numbers were likely a cause for concern — they were only going to go down from there."

But despite the all-out media blitz and fawning coverage from the press, he added, the book’s "reviews were tepid enough to squelch interest from everyone but hardcore Hillary devotees."

For its part, Simon & Schuster has kept a brave face, the company’s president saying in a statement that they are confident Hard Choices will be a “major bestseller.”

"Simon & Schuster is thrilled with Hard Choices' strong start right out of the gate, and the terrific feedback we're hearing from reviewers, retailers, and, most importantly, readers,” Simon & Schuster president Jonathan Karp said. “Hard Choices is on a trajectory to being the best-selling nonfiction book of the year."

Hard Choices has already dropped off Amazon's top 20 bestsellers list.