Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, isn't about to get caught plagiarizing again. The proof: In a Tuesday speech to The Citadel on defense policy, Paul did something rare for a lawmaker by including 33 footnotes at the end of his text.

The first footnote credited The Citadel itself, the 33rd former President Ronald Reagan’s first Inaugural Address.

And he even made news in his speech by calling for an audit of the Pentagon to find examples of wasteful spending that could then be used to fund training. He also called for defense modernization and end to military police actions.

“With the savings from modernization and a more reasonable foreign policy, we will do something we are failing at right now: We will take better care of our nation's greatest resource -- our service members. We will train them better, equip them better, provide for them better, and we will fix a broken Veteran Affairs system to take care of them when they return,” he said.

But it was the footnotes that caught some early headlines due to his earlier admission of lifting words from others for a recent Liberty University speech and column in the Washington Times.

At the Charleston, S.C., military school, Paul was continuing to add thoughtful topics to his growing list of potential 2016 presidential issues.

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