Republicans have a message for President Obama: The debate over the president's signature health care law isn't even close to being over.

In today's Washington Examiner op-ed, Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee and Ben Sasse, a Republican Senate hopeful from Nebraska, team up to write that "conservatives are making a strong comeback with concrete proposals that, if enacted, would create real progress toward better health care outcomes for all Americans."

The two said it's time for Republicans to have "an honest conversation" with Americans about health care.

"Republicans cannot win the health care debate until we effectively communicate our solutions to the problems that plague working families," they wrote. "If we are unwilling or unclear, the president will continue to mislead, government will continue to grow, and our health care system will continue to unravel."

Meanwhile, the Examiner's Philip Klein sat in Wednesday as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, detailed for a group of right-leaning journalists how he would replace Obamacare with a system that creates a standard deduction for health insurance for all taxpayers.

Jindal said his plan could reduce annual family health insurance premiums by $5,000 and increase coverage by 9 million people relative to the number of people covered prior to Obamacare.

This flurry of GOP activity comes as Obama takes a victory lap after the White House announced that Obamacare met its goal of 7 million sign-ups by March 31. It should put to rest the president's repeated assertion that Republicans have tried to junk the law without offering alternatives of their own.

That was always a lie — Republicans have offered a number of alternatives to Obamacare, but media indifference has kept them mostly out of the public eye. The new Republican messaging strategy aims to ensure this time Obama can't declare victory before the game is up.

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