House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi probably wishes Twitter didn't make it so easy for other people to remind her of what's in her archive.

Earlier this week, Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Illinois, proposed creation of a special inspector general to oversee Obamacare.

The Roskam proposal — the Special Inspector General for Monitoring the Affordable Care Act, or SIGMA — is officially known as H.R. 4158, for those who want to read the text on what was once called

Light in a dark place

Roskam's case for SIGMA is clear and concise: “From the time the bill was being drafted in secret in then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office to the healthcare law's current implementation, the public has been largely kept in the dark about a law that puts the federal government in charge of one sixth of the economy and is wreaking havoc on Americans' personal healthcare decisions.

“Congressional oversight of the law has been dogged, but the administration has repeatedly stonewalled investigators and been less than forthcoming with the public. The American people have a right to a fair and full accounting of the healthcare law, including what decisions are being made, how the law is performing and how it will impact them and their families.

"Only an independent, congressionally-authorized Special Inspector General with the authority to reach into the many federal departments, state governments, outside contractors and a deeply involved White House can provide the much-needed transparency and accountability in a way that no single oversight official currently can.”

Think before saying no, Nancy

Anticipating Pelosi's likely opposition to his bill, Roskam found that the former House speaker had often favored creating SIGs in the past.

He found Pelosi tweets endorsing SIGs for the TARP program, for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina rescue and rebuilding, and the intelligence community.

Only coincidentally did Roskam's rummaging around in Pelosi's past on Twitter find its way onto Facebook on Throwback Thursday.

You knew it was coming

Pelosi convenes a daily news conference as House minority leader and the second question in Thursday's edition was whether she supports Roskam's proposal.

"Each of the agencies of government that are implementing the law, the Affordable Care Act, have their own inspectors general. I think that the system has enough appropriate oversight. I don't see any reason to go to that point," she answered.

No doubt, it's also purely coincidental that Pelosi's enthusiasm for the extra oversight provided by SIGs was evidence when a Republican was in the White House and went poof! when a Democrat succeeded him.

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