I haven't had a chance to review the whole Senate healthcare bill, but I can tell you one thing: This is fake news, and it's spreading like wildfire:

Sadly, this is what happens when ignorant amateurs pretend they know how to read legislation. It results in many, many other people getting a false idea about what a bill does, just as it did during the original debate over Obamacare. And naturally, the ignorant have plenty of comments about the cruelty of this not-actually-real provision, the fact that those supporting it must not really be "pro-life," and plenty of other claptrap.

What's really going on in this legislative passage is that the bill is distinguishing between those who belong to the Medicaid expansion population and one group (pregnant women of a certain income) who are not part of the expansion population. Why aren't they part of it? Because they already were eligible for Medicaid before the expansion, and changes to the expansion won't affect them at all. That is to say, pregnant women will still be eligible for Medicaid.

The New York Times' Margot Sanger-Katz attempted to correct this error in a reply on Twitter, but of course her tweet in response has been shared about 0.1 percent as many times as the lie she's trying to correct. Go figure, there's something wrong on the Internet.

Update: At least some people who originally spread this rumor are accepting that it is wrong — including the tweet that inspired this blog post.