It's incredibly easy to spread misinformation today, especially in the age of social media.

Case in point: A single careless tweet from ProPublica's Michael Grabell Thursday morning had people thinking President Trump allowed Boeing to eavesdrop on his calls in January to their main competition, Lockheed Martin.

"Trump allowed Boeing CEO to listen in as he called rival Lockheed about F-35 program," Grabell said on social media.

His tweet directed his followers to a Bloomberg News article titled, "Trump's F-35 Calls Came With a Surprise: Rival CEO Was Listening."

The article did not say Trump allowed Boeing's CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, to eavesdrop on his calls with Lockheed, despite the story's confusing headline. Rather, the Bloomberg article reported Trump allowed Muilenburg to sit in on calls made to the Air Force general who manages the Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 jet.

It's unclear whether Grabell read past Bloomberg's headline before he remarked on the story.

He eventually deleted his incorrect tweet, and he noted his mistake.

"CLARIFICATION: Trump allowed Boeing CEO to listen in as he called Air Force about rival Lockheed's F-35 contract," Grabell said on Twitter in a note of clarification

Prior to deleting his original incorrect note, it had more than 600 shares. As of this writing, his clarification has been re-tweeted 51 times.

Grabell added, "I tweeted a story with incorrect reading earlier. I was working and didn't note the [number] of [re-tweets]."

"Fine, it's a correction my original tweet was wrong. Read the story," Grabell said.

Better late than never.