President Donald Trump talked about a great many things this week in his address to the Coast Guard Academy, including the federal investigation of Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The president did not, however, recommend that Coast Guard cadets try a $36 burger.

It was a joke. It was just a joke.

David Roth, co-founder of the sports website the Classical, said on social media during the president's speech: "'You gotta get the burger [at 21 Club],' Trump tells Coast Guard Academy graduates as he winds up his speech. 'The best. Very good burger.'"

Roth was obviously just having a bit of fun. However, not everyone seemed to get it:

Fortunately, Daily Kos founder and co-founder Markos Moulitsas appears to be the only blue-check marked social media user who fell hard for the gag, which is a rarity considering we're in the era of rampant Twitter hoaxes.

Unfortunately, Moulitsas has a significant following on social media, and it looks like a lot them also fell for the gag: