North Korea threatened "thousands-fold" revenge against the U.S. following new U.N.-imposed sanctions against Kim Jong Un's country, according to reports Monday morning.

Kim decried the sanctions as a "violent violation of our sovereignty" and part of a "heinous plot to isolate and stifle" the country, according to KCNA news agency.

The U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 in favor of new sanctions against North Korea in response to its continued tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The sanctions could reduce Kim's $3 billion annual export revenue by one-third.

Kim slammed the sanctions as a "crime" that the U.S. would be punished for "thousands of times."

"There is no bigger mistake than the United States believing that its land is safe across the ocean," Kim's regime added.

Over the weekend, Trump praised China and Russia for voting with the U.S. on Saturday in favor of the sanctions.

"United Nations Resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever on North Korea. Over one billion dollars in cost to N.K.," Trump tweeted.