North Korean media outlet Korean Central News Agency delighted in Double Down: Game Change 2012, the political gossip book about the 2012 election, with special interest in President Obama's portrayal regarding drone strikes.

In Double Down, authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann claimed Obama told aides in 2012 that he was “really good at killing people.” Presumably, he meant with drones.

KCNA jumped on that nugget, writing that the book “reveals the fact that Obama unhesitatingly said himself that he is good at man-hunting.”

“The book says in detail how Obama organized ‘anti-terror war’ and murdered people,” KCNA wrote.

A North Korean newspaper, Minju Joson, claimed the book caused anger in America and “hatred” for Obama’s personality, citing “a lot of people” as evidence.

“As soon as the book was released, it sparked off great uproar among the readers,” Minju Joson wrote. “A lot of people expressed hatred for the personality of the U.S. president and skepticism about the ‘anti-terror war’ of the U.S.”

Outrage? The claim that Obama made the statement may have been news for a couple days, but where was the “great uproar” or “hatred” over the comment?

Beyond the short book review, Minju Joson blasts the Obama administration's use of drones, saying the U.S. “wantonly infringed upon the independent rights of sovereign countries while resorting to the highhanded and arbitrary practices in the international arena under the pretext of ‘routing terrorists.’ ”

The North Korean news outlet said the U.S. “does not care at all whether independent rights of sovereign countries are abused or not and innocent civilians are killed by its high-handed and arbitrary acts.”

The use of drone strikes in place of boots on the ground, according to Minju Joson, apparently means that the U.S. is “pleased” to “mercilessly” kill innocent people.

And for good measure, Minju Joson closed by blaming the U.S. for being “root cause of all sorts of evils and misfortunes in the world and disturber of peace and cancer-like existence.”