Testifying to the brutality of life in North Korea, a recent defector from that nation has been found to be infested with parasitic worms.

The defector, a former soldier who was shot as he ran into South Korean territory earlier this week, is loaded with parasites. His South Korean doctor explains that "I've never seen anything like this in my 20 years as a physician." One of the worms in the man's body was 11 inches long.

The problem facing doctors is that the man's infestation is making it hard to treat his gunshot wounds.

Still, you shouldn't be surprised by this tragic story.

Speaking to the BBC, other medical professionals describe similar parasitical infestations in other defectors who have reached South Korea. They believe poor farming practices and inadequate diets make North Koreans particularly susceptible to the worms.

Yet it's not a problem for all North Korean citizens.

Led by Kim Jong Un's constantly enlarging stomach, the North Korean elite are notorious for their high culinary living. In 2015, for example, state media reported that Kim had a freak out when farming projects failed to cultivate a terrapin and lobster population. No doubt the fat man wanted to give the lobsters to the poorest North Koreans.

As we deal with the ongoing nuclear crisis, we must not forget North Korea's gulag population.