D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton on Friday chimed in on the recent discussions about changing the building height limits in D.C.

The office of the city's longtime representative in the House managed to spin out two paragraphs in which Norton said, essentially, she likes the shorter stature of the District and has "confidence" that folks will do the right thing when it comes to city planning.

The D.C. Heights Act give it a "distinctive look that sets the District of Columbia apart from any other city in the world," Norton said.

She added that California Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican whose committee has jurisdiction over the District, had approached her and Mayor Vincent Gray about possibly raising the height limits outside of the city's historic monumental core.

On that dicey topic, Norton threw down the gauntlet:

"As the Mayor, City Council, city planners, economic and other experts, and particularly residents consider this issue, I have confidence that they will understand best the delicacy of this matter of historic importance.”

So is Norton pro-raising the heights? Anti? We'll update this post when her office responds for clarification.