D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton said Friday that she was disappointed by President Obama in this week's presidential debate, whose performance pundits have resoundingly graded lackluster.

"Everybody was disappointed with the president's performance," Norton told NewsTalk8 host Bruce DePuyt. "I'm pretty glad that most people have made up their minds and these debates seldom move the polls. In fact, the challenger almost always does better in the first debate."

She acknowledged that Obama seemed "to be a little thrown off by a guy getting in his face" and admonished the president for letting Mitt Romney "get away with lie, after lie, after lie," a reference to Romney's argument his $5 trillion in proposed tax cuts wouldn't add to the budget deficit. (Actually, according to Daily Beast fact checkers, that statement by Romney is technically true ... but that's only because he hasn't said how he'll pay for the tax plan.)

"Romney just beat him because the president wasn't on his game," Norton concluded.