D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District’s longstanding defender against apparent injustices against the city both great and small, heads to the Library of Congress Tuesday to shed light on a somewhat superficial slight.
Norton will lead a tour of the main reading room in the Library of Congress and then hold a press briefing in the library room set aside for lawmakers. Norton wants to publicize the fact that the District seal is not included among the 48 other seals representing the states and territories that existed when the Library was under construction.
The seals are displayed on the library reading room’s famed stained glass windows. Norton was alerted to the District’s omission by a former docent, Luis Landau, who will also join Norton on the media tour today.
“We should all be grateful to Luis Landau for spotting the omission of our city and calling it out,” Norton said in a statement. “Not only was the District of Columbia part of the Union when the building was constructed, but it was and remains the home of the Library of Congress. This District did not have local self-government at the time or a member of Congress to raise the issue.”
Norton wants the Architect of the Capitol to add the District to the stained glass windows, which are about to be restored to include Alaska and Hawaii. According to Norton, the AOC can “expand the contract and add the D.C. seal.”
Norton played a key role in the inclusion of a D.C. statue to be placed in the Capitol and she also successfully fought to for a commemorative D.C. quarter and a D.C. stamp.
She’s also worked to get Union Station, “to fly the D.C. flag alongside the state flags,” her office said.