Everyone expects career politicians to have the resolve of Silly Putty. Everyone expects lawmakers to flip-flop on at least a few issues during their time in public office.

Voters also expect lawmakers to at least try to hide their willingness to supposedly evolve on certain issues.

Then there's Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., who can go from voting to defund Planned Parenthood to funding it in a matter of weeks.

Hey, it's tough being a Democratic senator in a deep-red state.

The latest iteration of Joe Manchin Changes His Position On a Thing comes via Axios, which provided the following photo:

The image of the West Virginia senator posing with the pink pro-Planned Parenthood sign was taken less than a month ago, according to Axios. The picture of Manchin posing with the anti-Planned Parenthood sign was taken just last week, according the same report.

The above photo perfectly captures the recent back-and-forth Manchin has taken on Planned Parenthood, which includes voting for funding and defunding the abortion rights group.

In defense of the dual photos, Manchin spokesman Jonathan Kott told Axios, "the Senator will pose for photographs with any of his constituents and that any signs he holds bear no relation to his policy positions."

He also explained Manchin, "will vote to fund Planned Parenthood because the investigations showed no evidence that the organization was selling or profiting from fetal organs. His support for PP is also contingent on the Hyde Amendment being law, to ensure public funds don't go to abortions. Kott also points out that the only Planned Parenthood clinic in West Virginia doesn't perform abortions."


It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. But for Planned Parenthood?