The Redskins' first crack at playing on Thanksgiving Day was a George Allen-inspired defensive feast, a 20-0 victory at Detroit in 1973 on their way to a 10-4 season.

Since then, however, Washington hasn't been as lucky, going 0-6 with all the losses in Dallas. In five of the games, the Redskins had the lead in the second half before blowing it. In the last three, the Redskins were outscored in the fourth quarter by a combined 27-0, creating much indigestion in the Washington area. Here are the games:

Dallas 27-20 (2002) » This one was tough to watch as it matched sub-.500 teams quarterbacked by Danny Wuerffel (Redskins) and Chad Hutchinson (Cowboys), who threw the go-ahead touchdown pass to Joey Galloway in the fourth quarter.

Dallas 21-10 (1996) » At 8-4, the Redskins entered with playoff hopes high but lost to the 7-5 Cowboys because Gus Frerotte was intercepted by Deion Sanders and George Teague, and the Redskins had no answer for Emmitt Smith (29 carries, 155 yards, three touchdowns).

Dallas 27-17 (1990) » Mark Rypien threw 54 times in this game in which Dallas rallied behind Smith (23 carries, 132 yards, two touchdowns) and Troy Aikman (20 of 31, 222 yards, one touchdown), scoring the game's final 17 points.

Dallas 37-10 (1978) » The Redskins started the year 6-0, beating the Cowboys at RFK 9-5 as Joe Theismann hot-dogged it in his own end zone on the final play on Monday Night Football. But Dallas exacted revenge on Thanksgiving behind Scott Laidlaw (16 carries, 122 yards, two touchdowns) and Tony Dorsett (21 carries, 72 yards), one of five Redskins losses to close their 8-8 season.

Dallas 24-23 (1974) » In the famed Clint Longley game, the Redskins had a 16-3 lead early in the third quarter and knocked quarterback Roger Staubach out of the game, but unknown rookie Longley went 11 of 20 for 203 yards, throwing the winning touchdown pass to Drew Pearson.

Dallas 29-20 (1968) » Several of the Redskins made a bold fashion statement for the times, wearing white shoes. A touchdown pass from Sonny Jurgensen-backup Jim Ninowski to Pat Richter put Washington up in the fourth quarter before lineman Larry Cole returned a batted pass 5 yards for the clinching touchdown.