Jobs and the economy continue to dominate as Americans' most important issues in the country, according to a new poll from Gallup. Know what's at the bottom of the list? Immigration, global warming and gun control, gay rights, the wage gap, abortion and election reform, all the "distractions" that Obama and Congress have focused on this year instead of the economy.

Twenty-five percent of respondents listed the economy as their top concern, 19 percent listed jobs and 17 percent labeled dissatisfaction with government or abuse of power as their main issue. The next most important issue was the high cost of healthcare, coming in at 9 percent. Clearly, Obamacare didn't fix the problem.

Family decline and the deficit were more important than the issues that Obama and his former campaign outfit, Organizing for America, have decided to focus on. OFA's "Action August" campaign is only focusing on global warming, immigration, health care and gun control. While health care is important to Americans, the lack of focus on jobs and the economy is really ruffling feathers.

Just 4 percent of Americans list immigration as their top issue, 1 percent said the same of the environment and pollution and only 1 percent listed gun control as their main concern. Two percent listed the wage gap between the rich and poor as their main issue and no one said gay rights was their priority.

For Republicans, no one labeled abortion or election reform as their top concern.

Surprisingly, taxes and corporate corruption were also not very important to Americans, with just 1 percent listing either of those issues as their top concern.

The poll was conducted August 7-11 with a sampling size of 2,059 adults aged 18 and over living in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The poll had a +/- 3 percent margin of error.