There was one supremely moving moment at the end when he paused to praise a wounded American hero, but last night's State of the Union address was otherwise vintage Obama.

That is to say, full of self-serving rhetorical sleights-of-hand, half-truths presented as evidence of progress and typical blatant Washington lies.

My favorite of the latter, by the way, has to be Obama's claim that the economy has created eight million jobs on his watch.

True, but seven million were lost in the Great Recession of 2008, so his policies have led to a net gain of one million jobs in five years. The Reagan recovery created 19 million new jobs in six years.

The elephant in the room

Did you see it? Probably not because Obama droned on for 45 minutes before mentioning his signature domestic policy achievement, Obamacare.

As Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, noted during the festivities, Obama devoted exactly 462 words out of the 6,778 in the official text to Obamacare.

Not mentioned among those 462 words were any of the five million plus people who have lost health insurance plans they wanted to keep, or who, like Sen. Tom Coburn, can no longer see their preferred cancer specialist unless they can afford to pay out-of-pocket.

That pen's already worn out

The other notable take away from Obama's marathon of misrepresentation was his emphasis on using that pen he keeps talking about.

Mainstream media journalists reported the pen vow as if it was news. The Heritage Foundation's Diane Katz pointed out that Obama has been taking unilateral executive regulatory action since he first took office:

"Hundreds of other costly edicts are in the pipeline, including dozens more Obamacare dictates and equally onerous Dodd-Frank rules.

"This president, after all, has consistently exploited executive orders and regulations to control manufacturing, finance, health care, and a slew of what most of us once thought were personal lifestyle choices.

"Indeed, this president’s accelerated rate of regulatory expansion appears unequaled, with more than $70 billion in new annual regulatory costs added in the first term alone."

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