The newsroom of Washington-based National Public Radio is a stressed-out mess.

What started with top-level male executives being shown the door amid sexual harassment claims has morphed into an outburst of troublesome issues that the bosses are grappling with, including union issues and even President Trump's media criticism.

Loren Mayor, chief operating officer, was addressing harassment at a Newseum summit, telling of nonstop meetings with staffers, when she revealed: “Sexual harassment was just the tip of the iceberg. It was like this spark that just lit up this whole powder keg.”

At the Power Shift Summit, she added, "It opened up all of these broader issues about power dynamics, about inequalities in the organization, racial issues, it ran very deep. And it also brought everything to the surface. We had just gone through a difficult union negotiation in the summer."

And, she said, "A lot of the anger from that just sort of tapped directly into, and even this broader climate was in there too, being in a newsroom, feeling under attack every day as a member of the media, that sense of stress also all came forward."

The summit was praised by participants as a powerful demonstration of pushback against sexual harassment in news operations and unity among those targeted by the harassers.

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